Sunday, February 27, 2005

I Forgot What This Was Supposed to Mean, and There's No Title for a Clue

It's all derivitive.
It's all derivitive.
All of it.
And Yes you can take it.
Even you can take it.
Take it and take it and
"Can you take it still?"
Take it standing still?
Take it standing up?"
Standing up for yourself
and a select group of your friends.
Narrow it down.
Narrow it down to a point.
"I can see the point you are trying to make."
I can see your point.
I can see your points."
They are derivitive.
Derived from something.

A New Poem Written Specifically For Midwinter Tales

10,000 Horsepower Poetry Juggernaut

New, New, New, New (2x)

New New
It's hot off the presses
It's hot off the presses
It's hot off the page.

Lots and lots
of digital copiers
diligent copies
of digital waves.

New New
There's ink on my fingers
and ink on my paper
and ink on my shoe.

You and you
you'll both get a copy.
I promise your copy
will be of what's new.

What What
Oh, what are you saying
I can't really hear
what you're talking about.

If you speak
of two month old poetry
it's like you're selling me
two month old trout.

Turn Turn
It's now in season
like milk or like eggs
it goes bad in a week.

Thus Thus
It's hella important
and getting it done's
getting done as we speak.

New New
The ink on the pages
is now on my fingers
is burning my hands.

Don't Don't
don't stop the presses
for newspapers new
on their newspaper stands.

Try Try
Oh, just try to stop me
I can't really stop thee
if that's what you plan.

If If
but if you do stop me
I'll only be stopping
till I start again.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Book Arts

So I finally got back on Blogger and had to reset my password, etc. in the process. What fun... :-/

I am making books for my Book Arts class at Hampshire. This next one is a stab binding and I finally came to an idea that I liked for the content: all my sketched of my dream house. It will be a collection of sketches and thoughts about the functionality of a home and my ideal abode. I will post updates and photos soon.